Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself


I should go to bed earlier.

I should eat healthier.

I should stop buying more clothes each month when I have a closet that’s bursting.

I should work just a little later.

I should start running again.

I should call my grandma more.

I should keep up with the laundry & dishes so it doesn’t become so out of control.

I should meal plan.

I should clean out the guest room.

I should read more instead of watching TV

I should be more patient with my colleague that really grinds my nerves.

I should be more generous with my time.

I should be kinder to my family even when they act in ways that really irritate me.

I should be more encouraging to my husband in the start up phase of his business.

I should, I should, I should.

But what I really should do is stop shoulding all over myself.

The only place all this shoulding has ever gotten me is bogged down and stuck in all the shoulds.  

Resentful of the people I did things for.

Angry at myself for commitments I made.

Frustrate by the lack of freedom I allowed myself.  

Tired from doing all the things I convinced myself I should do.

So I’m telling that little voice, the critical little twerp to stop.  Stop telling me all the things I should do because I’m done being should all over.  

I’m done shoulding all over myself.

I bet you may feel the same way too. 

There are things you wish you had done, there are things you want to do.

But shoulding on yourself won't change the past & it won't motivate you for the future

We really should stop shoulding all over ourselves see what we can actually do.