Dear Body Of Mine


Dear body of mine,

I wish loved you more, I wish that I looked at you the way I look at some many others, others that are just like you.

That fact that you are mine is likely the very reason I am immensely critical of you.

What have you ever done to me to make me dislike you the way I do some days?

If anything, you have only ever been good to me, you have given me the ability to do and experience so much of what I have wanted in life.

You have allowed me to hike volcanoes to watch the sun rise.

You have given me the strength and stamina to run a half marathon in Cambodia when it was 98 degrees at 6 o’clock in the morning (really, what were we thinking?!).

You gave me skin that could take the blaze of the Bora Bora sun on my honeymoon with my husband.

You have given me the ability to do work that I love.  

You have given me the mind and skills to take care of sick people.  

You have given me the language and motor function to craft and write these words now.

Without you I could not do the things I love to do.

Without you I would not have been able experience adventures, feel the warmth of my husbands embrace or wake up each day to do purposeful and meaningful work.

We’re stuck together.  You’re stuck with me and I’m stuck with you.  But I am learning in small ways to have gratitude for you and towards you.  

It has been quite a journey the we’ve been on together and I’m sure the road ahead of us will continue with bends and turns as it does.

I’m sorry for the days that I am so critical of you.  I am indeed grateful for you.  

We’ll get there.