What Core Values Are Guiding Your Marriage?


We are continually confronted with decisions to make.  Some decisions are easy, some are difficult.  Some we make from our gut because it just feels right, others we make from our frontal lobe where we find our reason and logic live.

Whatever decision is made, it is a reflection of our core values.

Our core values are guiding principles that we have adopted.

They shape our lives and influence our decisions.

If we value healthy eating  we will likely choose a side salad over french fries.

If we value balance we will choose an activity that refreshes us rather than checking one more thing off the list.  

If we value family, we will carve out time or make the drive to be with family.  

Our values influence our decisions.

Last night at Wine & Wives, a group of Nashville girls gathered and we talked about what core values we wanted to guide our marriages and families.

We talked about our families or origin and the homes where we grew up, what we were grateful for and what we want to see more of in the homes and families we are creating.  

It was a sweet night spent dreaming of what our marriages and families could look like, talking about what was important for us to pass along to our children and the values we wanted our marriage and families to be known for.   

We created core values that will serve as a lens through which we will make decisions and direct how we will live.  Our core values are the ‘how’ for our marriage mission which is our ‘why’ or purpose for marriage.  

If you missed last night, snag the FREE WATERCOLOR TEMPLATE to create your own Marriage Mission and Core Values.

Below is an example of our Marriage Mission & Core Values, click here to get your own template!