3 Things You Can Do Today To Avoid Getting Sick This Flu + Cold season


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Flu & cold season is upon us and I’m determined not to be a casualty this year.  

As a nurse I am constantly coming in contact with all sorts of bacteria and viruses but I haven’t been on antibiotics since high school, I’ve only had the flu twice in my life (and no it’s not because I get the flu shot, I only started getting that 5 years ago when I had to) & the last time I had a cold was. . .well I honestly can’t remember.  

When just walking out of your house puts you at risk for the various pathogens that surround us, regardless of our immune system status, we could all stand to amp up our immunity game.

Here are 3 things I do on a daily/weekly basis to avoid getting sick in the winter.

  1. Drink water.

I never promised it was going to be glamorous or radical but I wouldn't be fulfilling my good nurse duties if I didn’t throw this one in.  

For real, drink more water.

None of us drink enough as it is.  It’s easy to do, a great way to amp up your immune system and it can only help in the fight against all the bugs out there.

How much should you drink?  A good rule of thumb is somewhere between 2-4 liters per day.

It will vary by each person based on activity level and how much you’re losing to sweat or how much coffee, tea or anything else with caffeine (which is a diuretic meaning it will increase the amount of water your body excretes thought urine) you consume each day.

Heard horror stories about messing up your electrolytes by being over-hydrated and getting your sodium out of whack?  While not impossible, it’s pretty hard to do. Promise.

Learn to listen to your body, it’s pretty amazing and it will tell you what it needs.  A lot of times it’s probably telling you it needs more water.

So drink up.

If you get bored to tears by the taste of water, try some essential oils.  Citrus essential oils are my go to. I use a blend of lemon, orange and grapefruit to perk up my water plus there are a host of benefits essential oils offer!

2. Use essential oils

Surprise to hear that one from a nurse?  I dig this stuff and I believe in it the same way I believe in angiography (a heart cath) for heart attacks and TpA (the clot busting medicine) for strokes.  

While I would never recommend essential oils as a substitute for seeking medical attention or over a specified treatment plan from a medical provide, I do believe essential offer a host a benefits that the western world of medicine would so well to learn from.

There are so many essential oils with
incredible protective properties and amazing immune support.   

Ancient Fortress by Ancient Apothecary is my go-to protective blend.  It helps to support healthy microbial balance and supports a healthy immune + respiratory system.  All the things to combat all the bugs out there!

You can use is a few different ways.  You can put a few drops in water or rub some on the bottom of your feet for absorption.  

My favorite way is to use a drop each morning and night on my toothbrush as I brush my teeth.  Sublingual (under the tongue) absorption is rapid plus clove oil which is part of the Ancient fortress blend supports oral health!

If you looking for essential oils at the Ancient Nutrition shop be sure to use the code MEREDITHBOGGS in the for 20% off you purchase!

3. Elderberry everything!

When I first brought a bottle home of Elderberry syrup, my sweet husband called it my voodoo potion and I bet if you asked him today, he’d take it back.

Elderberry is a power antioxidant that aids in immune support, healthy response to stress and cortisol levels (the stress hormone) plus it boosts energy and reduces fatigue!  All the praise hands for all the things!

There are a few elderberry products I swear by.  First is Ancient Apothecary’s Fermented Elderberry.  Take 3 capsules per day as a preventative measure. Easy, done.

The other I recommend the is the Elderberry Syrup by honey Garden.  It comes in an 8oz bottle and you can take 1 tsp every 2 hours up to 5 servings per day.  This is my go to when I start the feel the first inkling that I may be coming down with something, I hit it hard with the Elderberry Syrup and knock it out!  

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As always, nurse Mer never claims to be a substitute for face-to-face medical evaluation and expertise by your medical provider nor does she claim to be the expert as she went to nursing school & not medical school therefore is not a doctor but just a nurse. If you feel as though you are having a life threatening emergency, please stop reading this immediately and call 911 or proceed to your local ER.  This article is no way represents the thoughts, ideas or beliefs of any institution she has previously or currently works for nor does it represent any brand or company she has previously or currently partners with. Cheers to living happy, healthy & wholehearted lives!