Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Collagen

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You may have heard all the rage about collagen these days or maybe you haven't and are wondering what’s the big deal.

My nursing school textbooks taught me a thing or two about collagen & I’d have to agree, collagen is the bee’s knees so to all you collagen lovers out there, rage on.    

If you’re new to the collagen craze, here’s the down and dirty from Nurse Mer.

What the heck even is collageN?

It's a protein found in almost every substance in your body from bones to muscles, to vessels to skin to tendons to organs to bone. Basically everywhere.

Why does collagen matter?

Because we need it for overall health, organ function, bone + joint health, along with skin, muscle and tendon strength but our bodies naturally start to decline in production as we age.  

Collagen reduces joint pain and degeneration, contributes to healthy skin hair and nails plus it plays a role in your cardiovascular, liver and GI health.  All things that matter and you start to consider when you’re staring thirty in the face and no longer a spring chicken.

Collagen has been said to be the fountain of youth that some dermatologist and plastic surgeons swear by. For that flawless, elastic, porcelain skin, amp up your collagen intake!

How do I know if I need more collagen?

Your body will naturally produce collagen by combining amino acids (think protein rich foods like chicken, beef, eggs, fish) while utilizing vitamins & minerals like vitamin C, zinc and copper.  But if you have injuries, chronic health issues or anything that impairs GI absorption, the process of creating collagen can be impeded, thus the need to supplement it! Even if you’re overall in good health, the fact alone that you are getting older with each passing day is reason enough to supplement with collagen.

How do I get more collagen in my diet?

Start with what you’re putting on your plate.  Eat protein rich foods, chicken, fish, beef, eggs along with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients to aid in collagen production and then supplement after that..  

The best collagen supplements I’ve found are Ancient Nutritions line.  My favorite is the Multi Collagen Protein that features collagen type I, II, III, V & X and 9g of protein per serving.  And the best part; it’s tasteless & odorless!

My favorite way to incorporate collagen into my diet is to mix a scoop into my coffee each morning or mix it in with oatmeal!  And when I’m baking I’ll add a scoop or two into muffins or bread

Another way I incorporate collagen into my diet is by mixing it in water.  Yep straight water. Ancient Nutrition comes in again for the win with their watermelon basil collagen and several others that can be mixed in water for a nice refreshing change of pace!

Favorite recipes with

collagen + links to my

favorite ingredients!

Bullet Collagen Coffee

8oz coffee

1tbsp Ghee or Grassfed Butter

1tbsp coconut oil or MCT oil

1 scoop of Multi Collagen Protein

Optional: ½ tsp vanilla, almond or coconut milk for creamer, cocao powder or cinnamon sprinkled on top and stevia if you like it sweet!


Melt butter and oil in saucepan or microwave until liquid.

Mix all ingredients in blender and blend for 30 seconds or until well combined and smooth.

Overnight Oats with Collagen

1/4c steel cut oats

1tbsp chia seeds

1tbsp flax seeds

1 scoop Multi Collagen Protein

1/2 c. almond milk

½ cup berries of choice

optional : ¼ c. almonds, pecans or walnuts

Mix all ingredients and still until well mixed.  Place in refrigerator overnight and sprinkle chopped nuts on top if desired before enjoying!

Apple Pie Oatmeal with Collagen

1/3c. Organic Quick Oats

1 tbsp flax seeds

1tsp cinnamon + more for garnish

1 scoop Multi Collagen Protein

¼-½ Granny Smith apple chopped

1tbsp cashew butter or nut butter of choice

Mix dry ingredients, pour ½c boiling water over oat mixture and stir in nut butter until well mixed.  Mix in apple & sprinkle cinnamon on top!

Be sure to use the code MEREDITHBOGGS in the Ancient Nutrition shop for 20% off you purchase!

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