What's The Mission of Your Marriage?

A few years back I took a deep dive and assessed the areas of my life that were of great importance to me so I could be more intentional about them.   

Over a period of a few weeks, I spent time writing out what I believed, why I believed it and what I wanted to do about it in areas of family, faith, relationships and my career.

This practice challenged me to determine why I believed and valued certain things. And, it gave me direction as to what I was going to do about it.  It led me to craft a mission statement for my life. That mission statement helps me realign, make decisions and get back on track. It brings me back to my ‘why.’   

It wasn’t until a few years back when we spent a chilly weekend in November at a marriage retreat in the beautiful countryside of east Tennessee that we realized, we didn’t have a 'why' for our marriage. We had no clearly defined mission for our marriage. 

We could tell you all sorts of reasons why we decided to get married but we couldn't articulate our mission and the purpose for our marriage.

So we spent the weekend curled up by the fire under heavy knitted blankets talking and dreaming about what we wanted our marriage to be.  We crafted a mission statement and core values for our marriage. It served as a lens through which we make decisions and a guide for how we live and what we do.

Having a mission for your marriage sets a trajectory for it.

A marriage mission defines a purpose and articulates the ‘why’ of your marriage.

Last night there was a room full of wives who gathered in our home in Nashville.  We sipped dark plumy cabernet and talked about why our marriages existed and what all we hoped and dreamed for them to become.  At the end of the night, each woman was given a template to take home to create their very own marriage mission statement with their husband.  

Here is that very same template that I would love to share with you!

Creating your marriage mission statement is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your spouse and be intentional about your marriage.  It’s a great date night activity that will enable you to dream, communicate and grow your relationship.

Your mission will serve as a home base to go back to when you’re faced with tough decisions and circumstances.  

You marriage mission is the foundation for what you will build your lives and relationships on & will serve as a guide for your journey.

So here's your own template!  Download it, fill it out & share a picture of you & your spouse with the hashtag #MarriageMission

a few pointers for crafting your mission

statement + core values

  • your marriage mission should be clear & concise

  • your marriage mission is your ‘why’ for your marriage, what it exist for

  • your marriage mission is lived out by your value

  • your values are what guide your decisions & actions

Your marriage is the ‘what,’ your mission statement is the ‘why’ and your core values are the ‘how’

see below for an example of our Marriage Mission Statement