What You Miss When You’re Waiting On Your Life To Begin


Do you ever feel like you’re just waiting?

Waiting on something.

We can fall prey to the belief that when that certain thing happens, the marriage, the baby, the house, the job, then our lives will really begin.

So we wish and we wait and if we’re not careful we will wait and wish away this time that we’ll never get back.

Our lives seem more like novels than movies.  They take time and space to unfold over each page.  Detailing the small things that at times you wonder ‘does this even matter?’

Novels have space for the mundane, much the way our actual lives to.  As with the story of our lives, the plot of the novel unravels and the characters develop.  

Some days we wonder why it's taking so long or what is wrong with us.  Where are the lights and action?!  Where is the drama of the music, the heightened emotion, the crescendoing scene?!

Most pages aren’t filled with glamour, guts and glory.   The pages are filled characters and scenes, full of shaping, unfolding and becoming.

That is much the way the story of most of our lives is written.  Characters and scenes full of shaping, unfolding and becoming.  

Our days are about becoming the people we were created to be while we wait.  

Our days are about becoming the husbands and wives our marriage will be made of while we wait.  

Our days are about becoming the mothers and fathers who will raise up the little ones we are entrusted with, while we wait for them to come.

Our days of waiting are days of becoming.

We can wish them away or we can dig in and grow.  

We can twiddle our thumbs and hope the time passes by quickly or we can get to work.

When we are idly waiting for the next big thing to come, the event that will precipitate our life really beginning, we miss the daily opportunities for growth & change.

What we miss out on while we’re waiting on our lives to begin is the people we are becoming & the people we will be. 

The days we spend waiting are days where we are becoming.