The Lie That Has Kept Me From Creating


There is a little lie that I have long believed now.  

It’s the lie that I have to have something of value to offer the world, as if my writing, creating and composing the written word in a way that resonates with another soul & brings beauty to the world, is not enough.  

I can muddle my way through instagram and facebook, but I am not your go to girl for social media marketing.  

I can set up an email campaign without any course altering roadblocks, but you won’t find me hosting webinars on the topic.

I can keep up with the healthy living and clean eating genre and you may even find me talking about meal prep or my latest healthy snack obsession, but I am not your girl for all things Whole30, Paleo and CrossFit.

And somehow, at some point, I let myself believe that these were the things that brought value.  

Allowing the belief to pervade, the belief that  I needed to offer something of value to the world to be valuable has halted my creativity in a startling way.

It’s led me to retreat within, offering less and less to the world because it’s not valuable in the same respect as what others are offering to the world.

And that’s the beauty and the struggle of living a life full of passion and creativity.

You will never get to work, doing the very thing you were created to do, if you are too busy measuring your thing up against someone else's thing.  

You will never be able to create from the essence of who you are if you’re trying to make sure there is a value proposition to your creative work.  

This lie I have believed, the lie that I must create something of value to offer the world because writing and the beauty of crafting words isn't enough, can only be dismantled as I begin to do that work of writing.  

The lie can only be rendered powerless if I sit here, fingers to keys, creating and crafting, stringing words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into works to offer the world.  

There’s no one else that can do the very thing that you do.  

There is no one else who will do that work of creating for you if you do not do it.  

What a terrible loss it is to the world when we refrain from doing the very thing we were created to do because of the lie that what we offer is not valuable, or that it is less valuable that what another offers.  

We must not deprive the world or our passion, work and creativity.  

So go out and create, whatever it is that you uniquely and specifically create as an offering to the world.