Why Telling Our Stories is Imperative


Telling stories with all the thrill, emotion, twists, and observations they contain coupled with they connection they create through authenticity and vulnerability is something quite magical.

Telling our stories is powerful and ever so important.

Whether they’re stories that stir such a deep sense of joy and gratitude that you can’t stop the tears from streaming down your face or stories that are difficult to tell where the grief was overwhelming, loneliness set in, and the valley was dark.

Telling our stories allows us to be known, listening to the stories of others allows us to know them, and ultimately both remind us that we’re not alone, which a lot of days is what we really need to be reminded of.

Telling our stories enables us to remember more accurately the things that have come to pass and wait in hope for what is to come.

Telling our stories makes us real and brave in a way that we could not be otherwise.

Even the stories born out of the most mundane moments, when we didn’t stop to think twice, are incredibly powerful because we see in retrospect where love, grace, and redemption were being woven in all along.

I’ve not always liked or wanted to tell my story. But if I don’t tell it, no one else will because no one else can tell my story, and I believe the same is true for you too. You are the only one who can tell your story, and if you hold out, we all miss out on something beautiful and we all lose.

So here’s to stepping out and speaking boldly, to telling our stories, believing they will help bring healing and comfort to others as we trust in what we cannot always see with our eyes but what we can feel and know in our souls.

This is the long and short of why this blog exist.  You can read more on the about me page.