Take The Next Step, Not A Leap


It’s all the rage these days to “quit your job and go be your own boss!”

But if that’s your goal, you’ve got a few things backwards.

All too often, individuals quit their jobs to start a blog, work for a MLM company or try their new business idea.  They dive head first in but then end up going right back to their jobs or a similar job to what they left because ‘it just didn’t work out’

You’ll have to take risks sooner or later if you’re wanting to venture into a new field of work or go out on your own as an entrepreneur, but make sure you've got a strategic plan.

Don’t just up and quit your job.

Dip your toes the entrepreneurship world instead of diving head first.

You will learn how to be that entrepreneur on the side because you’ll be forced to set priorities, manage your time, hustle hard and learn how to create a sustainable life that is fun at work & at home.

So take the next step, don’t take the leap.

The next step it will be scary and it will be a risk but it won’t be a foolish naïve jump.

Real hustle is learned on the side.

It’s learned when you figure out how to wake up every morning, workout, go to your 9-5 job, come home, cook dinner, have quality time with your family, do all the necessary things of daily living AND launch your business, write that book or master that skill you’ve been wanting to learn.

The art of the hustle is crucial to every successful entrepreneur and can be learned on the side, while you are working full or part time on another job.  Even the hardest hustlers are the ones who keep taking the next step and the next step, not massive leaps.

So your goal may very well be to quit your full time gig and that’s great, especially if you’re not wild about the work you’re doing, but instead of taking a massive leap, just keep taking the next step and the next step.