Start Right Now


We all have our list of goals, dreams and plans.

We all have our aspirations and ideals of ‘someday.’

But what often stands between us and our goals and dreams is time, or lack thereof.

How many times a week do we hear or say phrases like;

  • ‘I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had enough time.’

  • ‘I planning to do ­­­_____ when I have more time’

  • ‘I just don’t have enough time.’

Isn’t it ironic that often we don’t perceive that we have enough time, yet when we do, it’s never the perfect time?

If we’re being honest, there’s no such thing as perfect timing for anything in life. 

There’s no perfect time to get married, no perfect time to have your first baby, no such thing as the perfect time to buy a house or launch a business.

If its not one thing, it’s something else that makes the perfect time elude us still.

There’s either not enough time or it’s not the perfect time. 

So we set ourselves up for exactly what we get.  We keep running faster and faster hoping that eventually we’ll slow down and have enough time.

Or we wait and wait, holding out for the perfect time time to chase that dream, to dive into marriage, to go for it and launch that business we’ve always wanted to.

But there’s never going to be enough time and there’s never going to be the perfect time.

And quite frankly, the solution to our time dilemma is not to find more time or to hold out for the perfect time.

Right now. 

That’s what I ask myself;

The only answer that’s not allowed is ‘time.’

Time is a cop out.

So what’s stopping you from doing it right now?

Is it a skill set?  Is it finances?  It is fear?

Figure it out.  Name it.  I’m sure time plays a role, but rarely is time the sole factor the keeps us from chasing our dreams, working towards our goals or taking a leap.

We can let time take control, we can let it dictate what we do or don’t do with it.

Or we can start right now. 

We can take the first step right now.

I don’t want my life to run up on me suddenly and be stricken with panic because of all the things I didn’t do. 

I don’t want to have to swallow the pill of what I didn’t do in life because I didn’t have enough time or wasted my days away waiting around because it wasn’t the perfect time.

So I’m starting right now, I’m jumping in right now, how about you?