Shameless Appeal to Love Our Bodies


I’m making a shameless appeal to love our bodies.

We always seem to want what we don’t have.

We wanted longer legs instead of our shorter ones.

We want brown hair instead of our blonde hair.

We want a tall frame instead of our hourglass figure.

Our ideal seems to be ever elusive, even with every thing we do, it’s still never enough.

We can never seem to get down those last 5 pounds we’ve been wanting to so we let 5 pounds keep us in a perpetual funk with our bodies, a state of constant dissatisfaction.

We can never seem to get that perfectly flat stomach we wish for so we keep hating the perfectly-fine-stomach we have now.

Run one more mile.

Do 10 more push ups.

Replace one more meal with a salad each week.

But I’ll tell you what sister. . .

It. Will. Never. Be. Enough.

So that’s why I am making a shameless appeal to love the bodies we’ve been given

I’ve spent far too many years wishing away what I have rather than loving what I’ve been given. 

By all means, take care of the body you’ve been entrusted with and enjoy the gift you’ve been given.

Get your hair done, highlights ready for the summer and then when winter rolls back around, lowlights, because you have amazing hair that gives you the best of both words.

But don’t make that appointment and drain your bank account because you hate your natural color and wish it were different.

Do it because you love it, it’s your hair and its beautiful!

And by all means, go to the gym, swim some laps, do some weight training, train for and run that half marathon you’ve been talking about.

But don’t do it because you hate the size your jeans are so much that if you have to wear them one more day, you don’t know what you’ll do.

Don’t do it because you’ve just got to get those last five pounds off and then you’ll be happy.

Do it because of how it makes you feel, how it makes you feel good about yourself and because its taking care of yourself.

So I’m inviting you to do it with me.

If you need permission, here it is.

Lets shamelessly love our bodies.

Lets shamelessly love our bodies despite the messages of the media.

Lets shamelessly love our bodies despite the standards and ideals of others because truthfully, those who impose their standards and ideals, they don’t matter anyway.

Let’s stop wishing away the bodies we have and instead be thankful for the amazing bodies we’ve been given.

One last thing;

I realize I’ve asked a lot already, to shamelessly love our bodies is no small endeavor.

Plus, you may already think I’m a little crazy.  But I wouldn’t waste my time or ask this of you if I wasn’t passionate about women learning to love their bodies, just the way they are.

So if you’re up for it, if you’re feeling a little bold and you’re willing to do something brave today, tell what you love about yourself!

Share a few things that you love (or even just like if love feels like too much to say!) about your body or a few reasons you’re grateful for the body you’ve been given.

Comment below or on facebook, I can’t wait to hear what you love about your fabulous body and why you are thankful for it!

You all are beautiful, amazing & so dearly loved sweet sisters, I hope you know that!