How To Get Inspired When You Don’t Feel Inspired


As I sat in the audience recently at a songwriters show case, the host of the evening introduced one of the song writers by saying that this particular writer had taught him to be a better writer because of what he had taught him about inspiration.  The host went on to explain that during a writing session they had together one day, he was complaining about not feeling inspired to write and not feeling like writing.  A conversation sparked about inspiration and creativity and how to write when you don’t feel inspired.  The write went on to say that the difference maker is between those who write only when they’re inspired and those who discipline themselves to sit down, to do their work, until they are inspired by the writing and the creating process.

The writer that the host was introducing that evening was my own dad.  I’ve learned a lot about inspiration from a man who wakes up every day, like he has for the past twenty plus years, and writes.

Any creative, I imagine, has these wild delusions about the life of an artist, a writer, whatever their particular craft may be.  The delusions may entail cozy nooks or rooms with the morning sunlight pouring in through the windows where their hears and souls with all their passion and depth bleed into words on a page or colors on a canvas in a wild and magical way.

But rarely is the creative process ever that invigorating.

The wild passion usually remains at bay and the surges of unhindered inspiration are few and far between.

As creative’s, we are constantly looking for, seeking out and searching for opportunities of inspiration.

While there is no magic formula, no recipe for success, there are a few ways you can find inspiration when you don’t feel inspired.

1. Read 

I’m convinced the best writers, the best artists, the best influencers (really the best everything) are readers.  Read the authors whose words move you, read the authors whose words challenge you.  Read the authors whose words make you want to go out and change the world.  Read the authors whose words make you want to weep for days that the state of humanity.  Read, read and read some more.  Keep expanding the limits of your mind and soul.

2. Create

Isn’t the whole point of feeling inspired so that we can create?  Yes, and no.  Our creating shouldn’t hinge on our inspiration.  If it does, we are gong to quickly find ourselves up the creek without a paddle.  Reality is that inspiration does not bubble over every day, but the good news is that you can sit down and write every day, you can pick up the brush and paint every day, you can do the work of creating every day.  It’s imperative that you continue creating when you don’t feel inspired, especially when you don’t feel inspired.  And the cool part of that, you may find that the more you create, the more inspired you become.

3. Connect

The world of creativity is not one to be navigate on ones own.  it can be a treacherous journey, a perilous path, filled with critics, haters and naysayers.  Connect with your people.  Find your fellow creative’s.  Walk with one another, work with one another, connect with one another.

Read, connect and keep creating, even on, especially on, the days when you don’t feel inspired.