3 Strategies To Making Healthier Eating Choices


Do you ever have those days that you’re running non-stop from the time you wake up?

It’s easy to get busy, running around from one thing to another and then before you know it, its 2p.m.

These are the kind of days that I don’t tend to make good choices when it comes to eating. Though not intentionally, it happens from time to time because I fail to plan. I become ravenous because I haven’t eaten since my cup of coffee and bagel I scarfed down as I was running out the door that morning.

Coming through the door, I begin rummaging through the cabinets shoving handfuls or Cheese It’s, Doritos, and almonds (just so I feel a little healthy) into my mouth like a rabid animal that has lost its ever loving mind.

My brain and my blood sugar can’t catch up as quickly as I am devouring everything I sight, but when they finally do, I am so frustrated with myself not only for the mass quantity I have just consumed, but for what I chose to eat.

I do this all too often, I don’t eat well balanced meals, I don’t eat in a timely manner and I am so hangry (a state in which you become angry because you’re so hungry) that my brain literally is not functioning correctly and impairing my ability to make good decisions.

There are three simple strategies I use to make healthier eating choices, maintain a well balanced diet, and good schedule when it comes to eating.

  1. Eat well balanced meals

It doesn’t go without saying because its not a given.

A granola bar does not count as breakfast.  I know, I know, maybe you're not a big breakfast person but I'm speaking to myself here too.  Maybe it counts a little if it’s a protein bar, but still.

Every meal we eat should have all the major components; protein, carbs (preferably complex carbs from fruits and veggies), and good fats.

When you skimp on any of these categories, you miss out on vital nutrients needed to provide energy and sustenance to carry you to your next meal.

2. Have healthy food readily available

I may still have some brain capacity to make wise eating choices but if there’s nothing prepared or readily available, I’ll loose the battle right there. If I open the fridge only to find raw chicken breasts and veggies that aren’t washed or prepped, that seals the deal, I then reach for the bag of chips.

Hummus and veggies that are already washed and cut in the fridge are easy to grab. Greek yogurt and granola is another easy snack that I try to keep on hand.  I'm a huge leftover fan for lunches and smaller meals throughout the day.

Keeping healthy food on hand and readily available helps. It does require me to plan ahead and even do a little prep work before but it’s worth the effort.

3. Take snacks with you when you’re out.

Whether I’m working or running errands, I always try to bring snacks with me. I find that when I remember to pack a snack, not only do I maintain my sanity but I also spend less money on food while I’m out too.

Granola bars, nuts, trail mix, and fruit are all easy to eat when you’re on the go.

If I don’t have anything on hand, I find that it’s much easier to run through the drive through at chick-fil-a or call my husband and say ‘hey I’m starving, grab take-out on your way home.’

With these strategies implemented, it is easier not to lose balance altogether with eating choices and routines.

I’d love to hear some of your strategies for maintaining a healthy balance when you’re busy and on the go!