Hi & welcome to The Other Half, 

I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Meredith, I’m a writer, blogger, nurse & wife. I was lucky enough to be born in my favorite city, Nashville Tennessee & even luckier to marry my high school sweet heart.  You’ll find us traveling the world, fearlessly eating street food, playing with our pup Lady or dancing & champagne toasting in our kitchen at our home in east Nashville to this beautiful, wild & daring adventure of life!

The Other Half is, well, just that;

The other half of what people don’t say.

The other half of life that doesn’t make the highlight reel of instagram.


The other half of faith that doesn’t happen when we’re all bright & shiny, dressed in our Sunday best.

The other half of being married to our other half.

So welcome friend.  Let’s journey together through this other half of life.

More about Mer

I’m a no non-sense, enneagram type 8 who will champion any cause for justice & a kid-at-heart who falls asleep at night excited for the fun tomorrow will bring.

As a high school girl I fell prey to the trap of perfectionism and developed an eating disorder that gripped me tight.

After months of recovery, wise counselors, experienced nutritionists & coming to know the grace of a Savior in a way I never had, I began to walk in the light and freedom of who I was created to be.

After I brief relapse in college after starting nursing school & becoming president of my sorority, I began a new journey.

Happy, Healthy & Wholehearted living is a journey that I will be traveling for the rest of my life finding happiness & contentment in the body I am in, prioritizing health both physically & mentally while engaging in relationships wholeheartedly & authentically

Finding immense passion + purpose in my work as a nurse, that path has led me into critical care nursing, emergency nursing, all the way to China to work the with pediatric orphan population and has given me to opportunity to champion initiatives within my own city of Nashville to provide care & services to victims of sexual assault.

It’s tough but rewarding work & I’m grateful for each day I get to wake up & do it.

Although trained as a nurse in the culture of western medicine, many are surprised to learn that I rarely pop a pill for a headache, haven’t taken an antibiotic since high school & believe that food + fitness is the best medicine.

A yoga, HIIT + CrossFit girl who eats food that grows from the ground & grass-fed meat that isn’t chalked full of grain and antibiotics, you’ll also find my home full of clean + safe beauty products & household cleaners that are non-toxic.

Balancing the benefits of modern medicine with a proclivity for a natural, organic & clean way of living, I’ve found a sweet spot with my life + work that I am passionate about sharing.

There’s nothing I love more than a good life chat

Let’s connect!